If the Subscription Plan is terminated or cancelled before the end of the subscription period, you’ll be charged as follows.

  • 50% of the subscription fee for the remaining months will be imposed and charged to the Customer upon returning the device to ITEZ.SG; and,
  • 110% of the Subscription fee that ITEZ.SG would have imposed or charged the Customer for the Subscription Period if the Customer fails to return the device for any reason whatsoever upon default of Subscription Fee and demand for return of the device or the price difference between the recommended retail price during the signing up (as set out the invoice) less such subscription received by ITEZ.SG, whichever is higher; and,
  • Admin/Legal fees of 25% of the outstanding amounts in above-mentioned clauses, plus 2% interest.

In addition to the fees paid in clause 4.4, the Customer shall also pay ITEZ.SG any outstanding amounts, including any late payment fees, which shall be $50 per month, and/or any fees or charges which ITEZ.SG has waived, reduced, discounted, or offered on the basis of goodwill, having assumed that the Customer had subscribed to or would utilize the IT Subscription Service.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more details.